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At least give me the respect of not romanticizing my mental illness into some 2bit emotional pornography for your pleasure.
I really liked my tag to my other post lol tired of tragically beautiful hero things that everyone pretends they love but in real life they avoid people like me, people with mental illnesses.
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Romanticizing wrong

I’ve always found it interesting how people romanticize a variety of things.

I can’t be the only one who points and laughs because, “yeah right! Nobody actually finds that attractive, cute or beautiful in real life.”

The examples range from the quite serious to the more mundane.

Being deep and emotionally volatile because of a checkered past or mental disease looks great as a plot device for a relationship on paper. Real life? Boy is crazy, let’s avoid him because i don’t want to deal with his crap (first hand experience lol).

Clumsiness. What a quirky trait! How cute. Irl? Girl can’t dance for shit, I’m going to dance with someone else.

Holding doors open for people. What a nice person, they must be sincere and beautiful. Irl? Half notice as I mutter thank you without making eye contact.

I’m probably just cynical and jaded (which I am, for good enough reasons haha), but I find the disconnect humorous. What people say and believe are sometimes different than what really plays out in their behavior. I know for a fact that I’m not that different (just being a realist. I try to be as genuine as possible but I can’t always succeed).

And isn’t that hilarious? We pine for these ridiculous romanticized versions of reality that when we really encounter, it’s so unimpressive that we don’t notice or we just don’t even like it because irl it’s creepy, weird, scary, messy, difficult or just not actually our thing.

Comes down to something pretty simple: stop running away to your dream land! The real world is so full of beauty, REAL, COMPLICATED, UNROMANTICIZED beauty. Appreciate that instead! And not on fucking tumblr or instagram or some bull crap.

Make eye contact with the next person who holds open a door for you, notice it, say thank you and mean it because that’s what real beauty is.

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No I don’t know what I’m writing

Imagine happy days in sunshine or rain, joyous times to be alive. Imagine little things and big things perfectly aligned like rose bushes or lillies in May. I know it could be beautiful, it could be beautiful if only we would try together. You and I don’t need promises of perfection and eternity when we’re face to face looking in the other’s eyes. It’s not romance or superstition, just the right moment for two people to be alive.

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it finally feels like 2014

Every once in a while there’s an invention you never knew you always needed.

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Mumsy is back in ter hospital

Hm hm, her condition is definitely getting worse =\ it’s been a slow progression but now she can’t really move much. Definitely cannot walk. Her legs hurt a lot. 

I just get the feeling she isn’t going to get better. Especially since the doctors dunno what’s causing this after 9 months of tests. 

I’m not as emotionally distraught as people might expect when its their mother dying. She is my mom by blood relation and I do care, but it was my grandparents who raised me, and she made a lot of choices I just can’t really look past. Still, I do feel the stress. Stressful times. 

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none of those words are the correct words why does this have 6,000 notes


are these linkin park lyrics

It’s so unreal

In the end, it doesn’t even matter.

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Story of Hope

My teacher told this to me and it has stayed with me, even if the details are less clear. 

The great composer Rachmaninoff suffered a very severe Depression. The events of his life troubled him greatly and he just couldn’t find it within himself to write music anymore. For years, he wrote nothing. 

He began to see a Doctor, and this Doctor believed strongly in the power of the human will to aid itself. He told Rachmaninoff, “The first thing you must do when you wake is look yourself in the mirror and say 'today is the day I will write my greatest symphony.' Do this everyday no matter how many days or how much you accomplish. 

Rachmaninoff did so. Every day he told himself, “Today is the day I will write my greatest symphony,” though he never truly felt that it was true.

After a year of looking himself in the mirror and telling himself what he was to do, he woke up one day, looked himself in the mirror and said, “Today is the day I will write my greatest symphony.” And he did. It was the best he had ever written up until that moment. 

Success is built atop the effort of a thousand trials. One day, I will succeed, too. 

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