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Posted 3 years ago

I’ve seen this before
You’re on it again.
It’s all in your eyes, they’ve sold you out.

Now that your world’s standing still
You’ve got time to see
That the steps that you take to forget all your pain
Won’t let you remember your life’s not that easy to change

Your chemical dream
Has gone too far.
Now you’ve become what they told you to be
And somehow forgot who you are…

And now here we are, so very far from the start.
Well that shit that you take may have cleared up your mind
But didn’t leave much of your heart.

Your chemical dream has gone too far,
Now you’ve become what they told you to be
And somehow forgot who you are

Posted 3 years ago

Believe it or not, I hear this kind of music in my head, too. I suppose I’m crazy.

Posted 3 years ago

FUCK YEAH! I’ve been looking for this song forever! I hear it in my head sporadically (the part starting at 2:28). 

Posted 3 years ago

I’m the type of person that jumps and dances around to the symphony music I hear in my head, singing “La di-dee daaa dee di-daaaa da-daaa”

Posted 3 years ago
Posted 3 years ago

This is a fragment of the song I wrote when I was 15-16. I was very depressed at the time and I wrote the song to summarize my feelings throughout the years of my life. Sorry about the quality :D lol idk how to do it better. 

Posted 3 years ago

1. You know you really love a song when you sing along even when there’s no lyrics.

2. You know you really love a song when, while thinking of the above rule and how much you love Soul to Squeeze by Red Hot Chili Peppers, you accidentally run a red light

Posted 3 years ago

Whether You Fall- Tracy Bonham

I like this song =] she’s a good artist.

Posted 3 years ago

Sad, Sad Life

My headphones broke and my speakers suck. I’ve been musicless for 3 days. All this time I’ve wanted to listen to one song. 

Finally got headphones… can’t remember what song it was. fml. lol