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Posted 7 months ago
The book of love is long and boring/ No one can lift the damn thing/ It’s full of charts and facts and figures/ and instructions for dancing/ but i love it when you read to me/ and you can read me anything
The Book of Love
Posted 2 years ago


Posted 2 years ago

So sick of the hobos always begging for change; I don’t like how I gotta work, they just around and get paid. I hate all of the people who can’t drive their cars/ bitch you better get outta the way before I start falling apart!

I hate how my wife is always up my ass. She always wants to buy brand new things, but I don’t have the cash.

I hate my job, all of my rich friends; I hate everyone to the bitter end. Nothing turns out right, there’s no end in sight, I hate my life! So much at stake, can’t catch a break, I hate my life. No, it’s nothing new, and it sucks to be you, I fuckin’ hate my life!

Hate my Life by Theory of a Deadman
Posted 2 years ago

Curse my quaint heart; I love this song.

Posted 3 years ago
If you go your own way, no one leads you a-stray.
One Fine Day, song: “Burn”
Posted 3 years ago

Song got me through lots of dark nights.

"It’s never black and white, and always worth a fight
That battle for your own prosperity;
And some starry night, you will know you’re happy.
Will you ever dare to leave behind despair?
You wanna change but don’t wanna make the first step.
You’re just too scared, caught in your mental trap.
And I, I, I, I, I 
I still believe.”

Posted 3 years ago
Well I am imagining a dark lit place, or your place or my place. Well I’m not paralyzed but I seem to be struck by you, I want to make you move because you’re standing still. If your body matches what your eyes can do, you’ll probably move right through me on my way to you.
Finger Eleven- “Paralyzer”
Posted 3 years ago

Another song describing how I am! Bipolar-esquey. 

Im so lonely, thats okay, I shaved my head …

And Im not sad
And just maybe Im to blame for all Ive heard …
Im not sure
Im so excited, I cant wait to meet you there …
i dont care
Im so horny, thats okay …
My will is good”

Pretty much like this! I’m down, but do something unrelated and suddenly for no reason I’m fine. Is everything my fault? Idk. Hey, lets do this! Nevermind, i don’t care anymore. I’m really horny all of a sudden. Oh wait, nevermind, now I’m completely asexual. 

Posted 3 years ago

I hurt myself today to see if I still feel
I focus on the pain, the only thing that’s real…
What have I become, my sweetest friend?
Everyone I know goes away in the end.
And you could have it all, my empire of dirt
I will let you down. I will make you hurt. 

Posted 3 years ago

I’ve seen this before
You’re on it again.
It’s all in your eyes, they’ve sold you out.

Now that your world’s standing still
You’ve got time to see
That the steps that you take to forget all your pain
Won’t let you remember your life’s not that easy to change

Your chemical dream
Has gone too far.
Now you’ve become what they told you to be
And somehow forgot who you are…

And now here we are, so very far from the start.
Well that shit that you take may have cleared up your mind
But didn’t leave much of your heart.

Your chemical dream has gone too far,
Now you’ve become what they told you to be
And somehow forgot who you are